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The Couple of the Year (COY) program is to honor members who have contributed above and beyond to the betterment of the chapter over the prior year. If a couple is selected by their chapter, they may choose to participate to be recognized at the District, Region, and then International levels.

The Individual of the Year (IOY) program also recognizes individuals who (with or without a partner) would not otherwise be eligible for COY recognition. For example: when only one member has contributed to a Chapter, even though both are members, or if the member is single. The IOY honored by his or her chapter can choose to participate to be recognized at the District and then Region level, but there is no International level of recogniztion for IOY at this time.

Chapter members are nominated by their peers to be IOY or COY, and the Chapter Director makes the final decision on who is best deserving of this title each year. Once honored as IOY or COY for a particular year, you are always the IOY or COY for that year; It is not an honor that is passed on to the next recipient, it is a permanent recognition for their contributions to the group.

Couple Of the Year (COY)

CA1F Couple of the Year

Todd & Gloria Rossiter - COY 2017

Individual Of the Year (IOY)

CA1F Individual of the Year
Jesus "Chuy" Montanez - IOY 2017

CA-1F COY IOY History

Individual Of The Year Year Couple Of The Year
Jesus 'Chuy' Montanez 2017 Todd and Gloria Rossiter
Darrel Exline 2016 Steve and Alma Sprenkle
Liz Sprenkle
(Became District IOY)
2015 Crystal and Ralph Richardson
David Flitcraft 2014 Rich and Michele Kelley
David Gardner
(Became District IOY)
2013 Steve and Alma Sprenkle
(Became District COY)
Darrel Exline 2012 Tom Klock and Tammy Burmeister
David Flitcraft 2011 Bill and Carrie Hutchins
Malcom Persinger 2010 Dana & Carol Rowley
Bob Crawford 2009 Tim and Johanna Roberts
Dennis Goldman 2008 Harold and Elaine Archer
Nancy Brody 2007 Ed and Kay Carroll
Leo Younge 2006 Robert and Janet Lebkuecher
Henry Finn 2005 Bud and Mary Brinker
(Became District COY)
Dan McNeill 2004 Mike and Elma Maury
Jim Zabler
(Became District IOY)
(Became Region IOY)
2003 Ralph Richardson & Suzanne Layman
Ralph Richardson 2002 Larry and Marianne Villani
Dan Dresser
(Became District IOY)
2001 Anita and JR Alkire
Bob Rathbone 2000 Craig and Crystal Rush
Crystal Rush 1999 Carmen and Rae Cimicato
None 1998 Jim and Kay Zabler
None 1997 Joyce and Rick Elmore
(Became District COY)

COY and IOY Nominating form can be downloaded here.