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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I become a member of Chapter CA-1F
A: You do not become a "member" of any individual chapter as you would in a typical "M/C Club."

Membership is to GWRRA International. When you become a member of the GWRRA, you are automatically associated with *all* GWRRA Chapters including CA-1F. You can then choose to associate yourself with any one or multiple home Chapters (like CA-1F) in the world.

If you choose to associate CA-1F as your home chapter, just come to one of our monthly meetings on the 2nd Saturday of the month, or contact the Chapter's Membership Enhancement Coordinator. (See the "CA1F Leadership" page for more info)

Q: What Are The Different Classes Of Membership in GWRRA?
A: For Gold Wing/Valkyrie owners there are Individual Membership and Family Membership.
Individual Membership is just what it says. Individual Rider membership.
Family Membership is for two or more individuals within the same household to belong to GWRRA for a lower membership fee.
For non-Gold Wing owners there are Individual Associate Membership and Family Associate Membership.
Individual Associate Membership is for individuals who do not own a Gold Wing/Valkyrie.
Family Associate Membership is for two or more individuals within the same household who desire membership within the Association.

Q: How much are the dues for the Chapter?
A: There are no dues or fees to be paid to the chapter. Your GWRRA yearly membership is your only cost to participate with any GWRRA chapter.
Since GWRRA International provides no money to chapters, individual chapters will typically hold fund raising events like 50/50 drawings and motorcycle rallies that require a registration fee, but contributing funds toward these efforts is completely voluntary.

Q: What is the Chapter's money used for?
A: The Chapter Director uses the Chapter funds to cover operation expenses of the Chapter. These expenses include the cost of the newsletter, staff and officer training meetings, postage, telephone calls, the Chapter chartering fee, supplies, etc. which are necessary to run the Chapter. Annually the Chapter Director submits a financial statement to the District Director. The Chapter is a not for profit organization and may choose to give monies to charities at the end of the year. Chapter officers are not paid, they volunteer their services. The same goes for the District Officers and so forth.

Q: How can GWRRA help me become a safer rider?
A: We offer a monthly Parking Lot Practice and also Skills Practice where we work specifically on our slow speed riding skills. Additionally we conduct Rider Education Seminars on a monthly basis covering a variety of topics.

Q: Do we stop for a “quick beer” on our rides?
A: GWRRA does not endorse or encourage the use of alcohol (or drugs) while riding or at any GWRRA sponsored event.